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Automatic Scoring Basketball Machine


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commercial coin operated automatic scoring basketball machine score sensor arcade amusement street basketball machine









Warranty:1 year

Suitable for:amusement center, game center , shopping mall , parks , holiday resorts, theme parks and etc.


What is the description of Arcade Sport Indoor Amusement Game Machine Basketball Machine?      1. Stylish all-metal exterior design.

2. Optimize the design.

3. The latest motherboard, upgrade and maintenance is guaranteed.

4. The basketball game machine has a removable rack which can be fitted with wheels so that it can move freely.

5. The basket can swing around,adjust game play with motionless and move basketry.

6. Metal basket and net chain,metal gear, solid and durable,non-derailment.

7. Uses a safe and durable high-temperature motor 12vd, safety is secure.

8. Networking is possible.

9. It has a lottery option.

10. Contains an intelligent chip inside, automatically count when the ball is thrown.

11. Many colors we have,you can choose the appearance you like.


How to play Arcade Sport Indoor Amusement Game Machine Basketball Machine?

1. Insert coin, you can choose single player or online mode.

2. Single player mode: total four levels, the first level, the hoop will stand still in the middle; the rest 3 levels, the hoop will keep moving left and right, difficulty levels improving progressively. Player need to get enough points to reach next level.

3. Online mode: countdown timer will be the same on all online machines, as long as one player get enough points.


Ifun Park offer the best packing and shipping team to ensure clients satisfy:

1.100% quality guarantee before shipment.

2.Professional original manufacturer/ highest trust.

3.Super offer based on quantity item.

4.Standard packing team.

5.Guaranteed delivery time.


Excellent service:

1,Provide satisfying service during the products enquiry,price quote,sales,shipment and maintainance and installation for the customers

2,Instruct customers how to operate the machines perfectly if necessary by making phones or sending technicians there

3,Making phones regularly  to know whether the functions satisfy their needs.and whether there is some improvement room

4,We can refund or replace the products when the products themselves have some faults or are broken because of our faults or responsibility.   



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