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Jungle Style Toddler Indoor Playground

Jungle Style Toddler Indoor Playground

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Product Details

New product-Park Jungle Style toddler indoor playground Equipment,CE Approved Kids Playland Kindergarten Playground




Soft play equipment indoor playground



Age range:

3-14 Years old


1)Plastic parts:    professional LLDPE

2)Post: 48mm    galvanized pipe with PVC foam coated

3)Soft parts:    innermost: wood, middle: sponge , outmost: PVC cover.

4)Mat:EVA,different    thickness and colors for your selection


Packed with    cotton and nylon.


Professional CAD    instruction,assembly procedure and project case,techical engineer also can be    sent according to your requirement.


1)European    standards.

2)Anti-static,Anti-skid    and Anti-crack.

3)Professional    desiger will design for you freely.

4)All new    material produced will not add any recycling of plastic.


Plastic    slide,tube,galvanized pipe,PVC foam,soft toys,mat etc.


150-200 children


Pre-school,amusement    park,garden,shopping mall,public,places etc.


Stimulated    children's curiosity,exploring desire,and advanced their team work and  their abilities of cognition,judgement and problem-sloving



Q: How to maintain and clean the indoor playground? 
A: Maintenance: everyone should take off his shoes when entering the indoor playground; the EVA mat must be avoided to step by shoes with high heels. 
Cleaning: use cleaning rag to clean the surface of the indoor playground periodically. For the ball pool cleaning, you can choose our product - Ball washing machine. 
Q: If I have an indoor playground of 100 sq.ms, how many kids can be accommodated at one time? 
A: Normally, one square meter space can accommodate 1-2 children. So 100 sq.ms indoor playground can accommodate 100-200 children at one time. 
Q: Are there any limits about the height? How high do you usually make? Will it be dangerous if we make it higher than the normal? 
A: The height depends on the area size of your place. We must leave 30cm from the ceiling. Normally, we make two floors 2.8m while three floors 4.1m.If we have the space to make it higher, it's also possible and won't be dangerous. 
Q: What's the main material of indoor playground? 
A: The main material of indoor playground is galvanized pipe and plastic part, for the plastic part, we use professioanl LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) as raw material.

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