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Classification of foosball table
- Oct 09, 2018 -

There are two standards for table football in the world. One is metal man, wooden ball, metal telescopic sleeve. On behalf of the table: BONZINI (France) This kind of table is characterized by a good feel, can better show the passing, ball attack, defense and other skills, has a strong skill and entertainment. Let friends who can't be in the green shades realize the joy that football brings to people.

The other is plastic people, plastic balls, and through bars. The characteristics of this kind of table are also very entertaining, and the feel is quite good. It is very easy to pass and some shooting methods, and it has a large share in the market. There is some potential harm.

There are six official tables for the International Table Football Federation, except one of which is a metal ball table (BONZINI France), and the other five are all plastic table. Metal man platforms are popular in parts of Europe, while plastic man platforms are widely used in North America, Asia, and most of Europe.

The important competitions held in China are basically based on plastic people's tables. The three national championships in 2006-08 used the Angzhi competition platform (plastic people, plastic balls).