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Grid bumper car
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Grid bumper cars: Grid bumper cars are divided into two types: day and ground mesh bumper cars. Ground-grid bumper cars, as the name suggests, are ground-based conductive power, which is used to promote bumper cars to run a kind of amusement equipment. Ground-net bumper cars are the most popular and most popular at home and abroad. The powerful new "ground bunker car" has two electrodes on the floor. The passengers drive, left, right, rub, touch, and prevent it. It is very exciting. It is worth mentioning that The ground net bumper car is connected to the floor below, and will be directly connected by conductive devices. It does not seem very obvious, and it is not easy to recognize. The name of the ground net bumper car is also the result.

The power supply of the ground bunker car is also called the ground net type power supply: a power supply network composed of strip-shaped conductors is arranged on a large enough insulating plate, and a plurality of conductive strips are arranged, and the adjacent strips have opposite polarity. The conductive strips are each connected to the power supply in a suitable manner. These are carried out on a steel plate called a ground batter bumper. Therefore, when the ground bunker is installed and operated, the connected devices must be very tight. In order to fully guarantee the normal operation of the bumper car. When an object is free to move in the power supply network, electrical energy or electrical signals can be drawn from the power supply network via a sliding contact set. This block-shaped power supply network can be directly applied to power supply to bumper cars in amusement parks. The bumper car activity place adopting this power supply method, the ground is generally paved steel plate, as the site of the net bumper car activity, such a ground net bumper car steel plate can directly use the ordinary ground to conduct electricity to the bumper car itself, the name of the ground net bumper car. And it comes from it.

The ground net bumper car also has its own rules of the game: the ground net bumper car driver strives to complete the circle in the field as soon as possible, or across the whole field, of course, the main target is of course the bumper car driven by the companion, or the driving of other players. Bumper cars, you can rampage on the way, knocking the opponent's car. The ground net bumper car can be set up automatically like the battery bumper car. The setting of this system can be completed by remote control. One remote control can control dozens of bumper cars in the field. When the time is up, the operator ends the game. Turn off the power. The speed of bumper cars is usually very low, but this kind of ground bumper car, relatively speaking, the speed is faster, but because there is a layer of rubber tires around the bumper car, even if it is a collision, it will not harm the car.