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Have you ever remembered the arcade you played
- Oct 09, 2018 -

When you mention the word "arcade", it is easy to pull people's thoughts back to the 1980s and 1990s. The "Three Kingdoms Wars" and "King of Fighters" have become the classics and memories of a generation, but the word "memories" implies the meaning of decline. With the development of the times and the arrival of the Internet tide, the arcade industry has gradually declined, and it seems to have been forgotten by people.

However, the arcade is not completely hidden from the market. In today's shopping malls, there is usually a special game area, which is an arcade machine, and there are not many players. In Japan, the overall situation of the arcade industry is still very prosperous, and the amount of revenue is not small. In the United States, the arcade industry continues to exist in new forms.

In the context of the overall decline of the global arcade industry, arcades still exist, and even in some areas can bring good profits, mainly due to the innovation of business models and the support of inherent factors, but also to some extent It shows that users still have great demand for arcade.

However, the decline of the arcade market is indeed a mainstream trend. After all, under the impact of the Internet, arcades have not kept pace with the times and the needs of users. However, the arcade industry is not without a way out. It is a good choice to embrace the Internet and combine innovation with the times.

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