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super scooter game machine
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Super Scooter Kids Game Machine


1.With horizontal screen LCD, horizontal viewing angle effect looks bigger, more air, more display screen;

2. With a camera function, through the photo so that children's innocence will stay forever, increase the store's popularity;

3. The characters of the software have 3D effects, the viewing angle effect is more realistic, and it is easier for the players to stick;

4. The main board is a computer host computer;

5. Only the owner of the site checks the account with the password to clear the account, facilitating site cooperation and eliminating links in the middle;

6. The side of the chassis with a protective fence, the child's safety first;

7. Blister light, the player is more comfortable to play, there are plastic lamp, the venue is more cool and cool;

8. Leakage switch protection design allows the machine to run more safely;

9. Independent appearance, independent research and development software, direct tracking after sales.