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Carousel Kiddie Ride

Name:2 player carousel

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Product Details

Amusement park playground carousel kiddie ride coin operated small kids carousel go round 2 seats



Name:2 player carousel






Warranty:1 year

Suitable for:amusement center, game center , shopping mall , parks , holiday resorts, theme parks and etc.


Carousel is an amusement equipment that is attractive in appearance and vivid in color,  most popular all over the world.

It is welcomed by young people, popular among kids in amusement parks,shopping malls,game centers,parties and even weddings!

When the equipment starts the turntable of it rotates gradually, and the horses that connected with the turntable will go up and down along the turntable.

Musical merry go round makes the passengers feel like riding on a real horse.


What is the advantages of our carousels? 

1) ISO, CE factory, high gauranteed quality with competitive price.

2) One of the best after-sales service and most reliable factory in Guangzhou city.

3) Experienced working team cooperate with you.

4) Stainless steel and colorful FRP material, super quality and safety.

5) Professional manufacturing and shipping service.

6) Patiently and timely response on line or Mobile.

7) Timely and safe shipment.


Product Description

1.Cute in shape, rich in color, each animal model is carefully designed.

2. Advanced sound system to play music , Happy music and cute voice guide attract more players.

3.Luxury and steady appearance , The body is made of Acrylic glass, enhancing vision effect.High quality, stable porformance, easy to maintain.

4.Generous and deluxe appearance ,humanity design for easy and confortable operation


New and unique programme .extremely attractive,adjustable ,high accuracy and stability.


How to play:

1. Kids sit on the seat.

2. Insert coin to start the game.

3. Popular music playing, and seat motion automatically.

4. Kids sit comfortable and enjoy the back forward swing.


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