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Air Hockey Table
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Air hockey requires an air hockey table, two players holding rafts, and ice hockey.

A typical air hockey table consists of a smooth play surface large, surrounded by railroads to prevent the hockey and raft from leaving the table, in the rail service serving the slot at the ends of the table. At both ends of the back and below the target table, there is usually a hockey return. In addition, the watch usually has some kind of mechanically generated air cushion on the aperture surface through the aperture for reduced purpose, friction and improved playback speed. Some tables that mechanically evade favor in smooth countertops, usually plastic, are cost-effective in manufacturing and maintenance costs. Please note that these tables are technically no air hockey table, because no air is involved, but they are still generally understood to be due to basically similar games. There are also batteries and fans used by cams to create their own air cushions, but they are easily broken and they are usually sold only as toys.

A glimpse (sometimes called a goalkeeper, striker or paddle) is connected by a simple handle to a flat surface, usually lying on the surface of the watch. The most common hibiscus, known as the "high top", is similar to the plastic sombreros small, but the other hibiscus, "flat TOPS", uses shorter points.

Air hockey is an ultra-thin disc made of Lexan polycarbonate resin. Shapes can be triangles, hexagons, octogons, or even a square.

Four player tables also exist, but they are not competitively playing sanctions.