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Theme Park Industry Sees 10-12% Growth
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The concept of theme park and amusement parks has seen drastic growth in India in the past two decades, with dawn of globalisation and boost in the rising disposable income for consumers.

Globally, in the year gone by, Asia's attendance in theme parks swelled by 5.5%, which was majorly contributed by recently launched Shanghai Disneyland. Parks in North America too showed a steady result of 2.3%, exceeding 150 million visits for the first time. Although we are far away from our international counterparts, the industry in India has surely seen a progress in the past decade, so much so, that currently the industry is set for a steady growth of 10-12% in the coming years.

Increase in number of parks has an obvious benefit to the locals. Apart from the noticeable increase in employment, there is development with respect to infrastructure of the locality.

Theme Park and Amusement Park industry play a major role in tourism boost in the area as well. This has been identified internationally, wherein theme parks enjoy strong regulatory support, with governments putting up dedicated infrastructure for connectivity, equity and tax subsidies.

The key drivers for the theme and amusement parks are multiple entertainment options (36%), ease of access (35%), variety of quality foods and drinks (18%), indoor attractions (17%), etc. And, theme and amusement parks score over other entertainment avenues by offering fun activities for the entire family, thrill and excitement and engagement activities for kids.

The most encouraging aspect of the survey is that 70% of the audience would agree that theme/amusement parks successfully deliver on the key attributes of entertainment.

This news was taken from www.mydigitalfc.com