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VR Technical Characteristics
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Virtual Reality

VR art is a new and independent art category that comes with the advent of the "virtual reality era." In the article "Virtual Reality Art: The Metaphysical Ultimate Re-creation", the VR art has the following definition: The art form of artificial intelligence technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is used as a media means. We call it virtual reality art, referred to as VR art. The main features of this art form are hypertextuality and interactivity. ”

"As a comprehensive manifestation of the frontier of modern science and technology, VR art is a new form of artistic language that visualizes and interacts with complex data through human-machine interface. The important thing that attracts artists is the close integration of artistic thinking and technological tools. And the new cognitive experience created by the deep penetration of the two. Compared with the new media art under the traditional window operation, the interactive and extended human-machine dialogue is the key to the unique advantages of VR art. It is said that VR art is an interactive art form based on new human-machine dialogue. Its greatest advantage lies in constructing the dialogue between the works and the participants, and revealing the process of meaning generation through dialogue.

Through the application of VR, AR and other technologies, the artist can use the more natural human-computer interaction means to control the form of the work, to create a more immersive artistic environment and the dream that cannot be realized under the reality, and to give the creation process New meaning. For example, the interactive device system with VR nature can set the audience to cross the multi-sensory interaction channel and the process of crossing the device. The artist can use the smooth cooperation of software and hardware to promote communication and feedback between the participants and the works, and create good participation. And maneuverability; motion capture through the video interface, store the visitor's behavioral segments, based on the participants' awareness-enhancing, synchronized screening enhancements and re-imaged, processed images; through augmented reality, blending Reality and other forms, combining the digital world and the real world, the audience can control the projected text through their own actions, such as data gloves can provide force feedback, movable scenes, 360-degree rotating sphere space not only enhance the immersion of the work Sense, and can allow the audience to enter the interior of the work, manipulate it, observe its process, and even give the audience the opportunity to participate in re-creation. ”

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