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Super Bike Racing Arcade Machine


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Product Details

42 inch indoor super bikes racing arcade machine FF moto racing simulator driving arcade game machine









Warranty:1 year

Suitable for:amusement center, game center , shopping mall , parks , holiday resorts, theme parks and etc.

1. HD Vision:42’’HD LCD screen;12 all-new super charged bikes.

2. All-round Upgrading:totally redesigned compact cabinet;Customised bikes with all-new upgrade options.

3. Unique Design:use new properties electronic game chip;Player profile storage with keypad entry.

4. Multiplayer Mode:Maximum links up to 8 players for competitive racing.


What is the Feature of Racing game machine

 1.The racing motocycle game is one of the most popular motorcycle racing resort.

2. The game reproduce the beautiful scenery around the tracks, which also a great attraction to player. 42''LCD FF moto is one of the most popular game machines in all game zones around the world, attracting players from all ages.

3. Its magnificent pictures and easy-play operation is attracting many players.

4. Player can assemble his own motorcycle.

5. The real simulation and easy operations make everybody can enjoy the game


How To Play:

1. Player VS CPU: Insert coin and follow the tips on the screen, sway the motor to make your choice, when you make your decision, press the button on the head-stock to confirm.

2. You can choose street track or hilly track, auto or manual gear to play.

3. Player VS Player: Insert coin and press confirm button on the head-stock, players need to choose the same track to play.



Three most important questions and answers

1. How to reduce the initial investment reduce investment risk?

A. Simplify the decoration, use less fiberglass and light box etc. To use more poster or KT Board, etc.

B. Purchase 70%-80% equipment first, according to site revenue status and popular machine, then to purchase more this type machines;

C. Select high revenue of prize machine, lottery machine and high cost-effective machine, less large arcade machines or expensive original machines, only 1 or 2 this machine to upgrade site level and the attract more popularity, purchase the high-end machines in the high season, so you can make the whole site to be attractive.


2. How to get more in return? 

A. To hold promotions activities: membership recharge promotion, or issue yearly and season card to large recycle the investment funds; recharge coin, present coin activities; by flyer or electronic volume free receive few game token activities; to look for group purchase;

B. In major holiday and anniversary, to hold the theme of basketball machine, racing, dance game, lottery machine and prize machine activities, seasonal update site design of advertising publicity theme;

C. Perennial joint Mall or business with make promotions activities, brings more clients;

D. According to site conditions, to figure out a reasonable program of lottery points for prizes.


3. How to deal with the problems appear during the operation of the game center?

A. We can send a technician to your country to help you solve all the problems, and train your technicians;

B. We provide technical solutions to customers in the form of video, text, or online video and phone with our technicians to solve the problems;

C. We can do a full range of technical training for you or your staff in our company.


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