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Operation Ghost Shooting Arcade Machine

Game Features:
1.Fight your enemies and complete missions as a highly trained special agent
2.Pick up new tools & weapons along the way!
3.Only the best shooters & quick reactors will complete the mission.

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Product Details

Ifun Park Manufacturer CE Operation Ghost shooting arcade machine Original Simulator Arcade Shooting Game Machine



Product name:Indoor Paradise Lost Game Shooting Arcade Game Machine

MOQ:1 set




Warranty:12 months Warranty and life time technology support


Place of origin:Guangzhou, China

Player:1- 2 players


New style operation ghost simulator electronic shooting game machine

1.2 guns for 2 players cooperate to shoot the Aliens and monsters;

2. When you fire,the guns will feel like the real gun,and will shock with your actions;

3. High definition monitor gives you the excited Visual Experience;

4. Stereo sound system attracts your ears.


Cabinet Features:

-55" LED horizontal screen

-Specialist gun mounted speaker

-High quality sound - (synced with the game action!)

-The finest LED lighting

-Designed for 2 players

-2 fully recoiling guns

-Top grade gaming graphics

-Coin operated


How to care the shooting game machine ?

1. Keep the room clean and decrease the duty, clean the surface of game machine with a dry, soft tool.

2. Avoid sun shine the game machine straightly with a long time, keep all the machine drying.

3. Checked machine lines and various spare parts every day, detected the problems in time, prepared to work next day.

4. If you don’t need the game machine, to be packaged it well to place. Avoid the machine is damp and aging, please open the machine to run 30 minutes in every two weeks.


Team advantages:

We have our own R & D team, production team, sales team, professional site operation team, thus can provide the customer following services:

1.Technical training, storage center reserves, 24 hours a free one-on-one service

2. To assist you to set the staff and make job responsibilities

3. Free maintenance within one year (except human-damaged)

4. can arrange technicians to the site for equipment maintenance, testing, repair at any time

5. Each machine is equipped with detailed fragile accessories (see each machine distribution list)


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